How to Grow Figs from Cuttings

There are several methods that people use to root fig cuttings. Our favorite method is called the "fig pop" method, which we will provide instructions for below.

Step 1: Obtain fig cuttings. We recommend purchasing fig cuttings from a trusted seller, or to use cuttings from your own fig trees. It is best to use fresh cuttings that are 6-12-inch long with 2 or more bud nodes. Cuttings can remain viable for several months if kept in a plastic bag in the refrigerator.

Step 2: Obtain Potting Soil Mix: We recommend making a potting soil mix of approximately 75% pumice and 25% peat moss. (mix together thoroughly and get the soil mix moist but not too soggy. Alternatively, perlite can be used instead of pumice, and coconut coir can be used instead of peat moss.

Step 3: Obtain Plastic Rooting Bags. We recommend using ULINE 4 x 16 inch 2 mil thick plastic bags to root fig cuttings in.

Step 4: Fill Plastic Rooting Bag half way with potting soil mix. Do not poke any holes into the bottom of the bag.

Step 5: Stick one fig cutting inside each bag so that about half of the cutting is submerged into the soil. Make sure that the top of the cutting is up and the bottom of the cutting is submerged in the soil mix. Then, fold the top 1-2 inches of the plastic bag over so no moisture evaporates.

Step 6 (Optional): Place cuttings on top of a heat pad that is optimally between 70-85 degrees. 3 fig-pop bags will fit perfectly inside of a 1 gallon size nursey pot, which is a convenience method of having the fig-pop bags remain in the upright position while rooting.

Step 7: Every 2-3 days unfold the top of each bag, so it can air out for a few minutes and then fold back over to keep a humid environment for the cutting.

Step 8: After 3-4 weeks there is a good chance you will start seeing roots forming. Once you see roots forming you can now unfold the top of the bag and leave it open.

Step 9: The soil mix inside the plastic bags will start to dry out a few days after the bag has been unfolded. Once this happens, poke few holes into the bottom of each fig pop bag with a toothpick, and then water them with enough water to dampen the entire soil mix, but not so much as to make it soggy.

Step 10: After 8-12 weeks, the fig cuttings should be thoroughly rooted. You can now up-pot them into a bigger pot. We recommend up-potting them into a 1-gallon size pot for a couple months, and then up-potting again to a 10-15 gallon size pot soon after that for the best results.