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Ficus Palmata Hybrid Fig DFIC0023 - 2 Cuttings - Tasty Purple Figs

Ficus Palmata Hybrid Fig DFIC0023 - 2 Cuttings - Tasty Purple Figs

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The Ficus Palmata Hybrid DFIC-023 fig has beautiful heart shaped leaves and tasty purple figs with a sweet jammy red color interior. This is a hybrid between Ficus Carica (Mediterranean fig) and Ficus Palmata aka Wild Himalayan fig or Punjab Fig. The Ficus Palmata Hybrid has fuzzy leaves, reddish color stems, and purple figs with a delicious berry flavor. This is an extremely vigorous, and fast growing fig variety. We are uncertain as to if this is a self-fertile aka common fig, or if it requires fig wasp pollination to produce ripe fruit. This listing is for 2 cuttings, which can be rooted or grafted onto an existing fig tree (Copper name tag included). Fig trees are easy to grow from cuttings. We use the "fig pop" rooting method to root fig cuttings, and have around 80%-90% success rate without rooting hormone. Please do an online search for "fig pop method" to find instructions for how to easily root fig cutting.

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Will Peratino
Ficus Palmata Hybrid cuttings DFIC0023

The subject cuttings were expertly packaged and the cuttings themselves were fresh not old desiccated or dormant cuttings and were of a good circumference and length. I potted them up (12) days ago and already, each and every one are pushing leaves from the leaf nodes. I could not be happier with the quality of the cuttings received. Will Peratino


Easy to Root

Fig trees are east to grow from cuttings. We use the "Fig-Pop" rooting method to root fig cuttings, and have around 80-90% success rate without using any rooting hormone. We include one fig-pop bag with every order. Simply fill the bag half full with damp potting soil, stick in the fig cutting, fold the top plastic over, and wait 3-4 weeks for the fig cutting to grow roots.

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