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Fig Leaf Sex Test - Find Out if Fig Tree or Seedling is Male Caprifig or Female

Fig Leaf Sex Test - Find Out if Fig Tree or Seedling is Male Caprifig or Female

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This EZ-XY Fig Leaf Sample DNA sex test gives you the ability to know if a fig seedling is a male (inedible caprifg) or a female edible fig before it has fruited.

  • Great for determining if fig seedlings are male or female without waiting years for them to fruit.  
  • Useful tool for fig hunters who find new fig tree seedlings in the wild, which may not have any figs on them at the time.
  • Each kit includes an Envelope for the fig leaf sample storage, and a corresponding Numbered Plant Tag. Numbered Plant tag is helpful when testing multiple plants.
  • Leaf samples must be mailed back to the lab for analysis. (mailing instructions included with the kit)
  • Results are then sent to you via e-mail, typically within 5-7 business days after lab receipt.
  • Please see video showing how to take the leaf samples. The video is doing the leaf test on marijuana seedlings, but the process is the same as with fig seedlings.  
  • Works with Ficus Carcia, Ficus Palmata, and Ficus Afghanistanica.  
  • Fig Trees grown from seed usually produce fruit within 2-3 years if planted in the ground or in a 15-gallon or larger size pot. 

Genetic Sex Marker info:

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Easy to Root

Fig trees are east to grow from cuttings. We use the "Fig-Pop" rooting method to root fig cuttings, and have around 80-90% success rate without using any rooting hormone. We include one fig-pop bag with every order. Simply fill the bag half full with damp potting soil, stick in the fig cutting, fold the top plastic over, and wait 3-4 weeks for the fig cutting to grow roots.

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